Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More progress, but still inadequate

Yup, the title about sums it up. Still putting more pieces/parts on the short track bike.

Mounted derailers and shifters, but didn't connect the two.

Put on the front tire, but still didn't align the brake to it.

Basically I am building a bike without actually doing actual building of it. It looks like progress is being made, but in reality, not much is happening.

Still on list of things to do.

Put on Casette - (I will probably do this one tonight while watching my rerun of Glee

Don't they all look happy? Well they don't have the short track race looming over them in 3 days.

Oh yeah, before got distracted, still on the to do list...

Chain - put on
Cranks - need to secure, then put on chain
Derailers - adjust - first need to secure cranks, then put on chain and cassette.
Grips - well, that one is just easy and within my capability.

In other news I got a mystery package from the UPS man.

No its not bike parts, but it is bike related. I would like to build that (great, another build project which is going to take to much time and effort.) before this weekend as well.

Anyway, I will keep you all updated with progress of the build as events unfold.

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