Monday, February 23, 2015

Trip out of Town

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic.  I sure that everyone always thinks that when their normal schedule gets interrupted.  My schedule got turned upside down.

Two weeks ago me and the burrower had a wedding to attend.  For once it was fairly local, being two hours away up in Asheville.  I roped my sister into using her vacation time to babysit and spend time with her niece and nephew while we went up to the mountains.  We obviously got the good end of the deal.

Taking that Friday off we headed up to the mountains.  With the wedding at 6 that night, we made sure to leave in plenty of time.  Like 10 am in the morning.  2 hours later we managed to find a brewery to have lunch in. Lexington Avenue Brewery.  Good food, and beer with a high alcohol content.  I stuck with a burger and fries, while the burrower decided to get a bit crazy and get some food in which she couldn't pronounce, but decided it was good to eat.

It was served on a square plate, you know its fancy

With more than a few hours to spare, the waitress gave us a brewery map of Asheville so we headed out to find our next target. Asheville Brewing Company.  After another high gravity beer and returning a purse to a woman wearing a full snow leopard print outfit, it was time to hit the third brewery in the area. Wicked Weed.

The beer was good, but I was just impressed that they opened early on Saturday mornings to play soccer games on the projector.  If this was closer, I might just have a stool permanently reserved.  Without a game on, I did manage to find a Nintendo 64 that brought back memories.  I played a few rounds by myself when on of the locals came in.  To be fair, the local was the dad and I ended up losing to an 8 year old.  He wasn't even born when the game came out.  In my defense he logged way more hours on that old school console than I had in the past decade.  Plus, my controller stuck.  That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

By the time the last beer was downed, we made the way to the hotel to get all pretty for the night.  While our counterparts were on the way, me and the burrower drank a few beers and enjoyed a few moments of quiet (after making sure the kids didn't pull a Lord of the Flies and putting my sisters head on a stick).  We just barley made it to the ceremony, sneaking in just before the music started.  15 minutes later, the ceremony over, the party was getting started.  Multiple shots and high gravity beers later, we were on the dance floor getting down with 90's rap songs.  Yeah, it was that kind of party. 

This was my choice for a room.  I was outvoted no. 

The next week was a business conference.  I had mixed blessing about it being here in Charlotte.  The good news was that I got my own bed.  The bad news was that the events went Monday-Thursday 7:45 am to 10 pm each night.  By the time Friday came around, I was done for.  I went home and crashed.  

I think I'm only about 2-3 weeks behind on this blog compared to my life.  I might just skip it.  I don't think anyone will notice.  

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